Burma Veterans: Unforgettable

Venue: National Memorial Arboretum

Burma Veterans: Unforgettable is a powerful and poignant photographic exhibition by photographer Wendy Aldiss, whose father, the novelist and artist, Brian Aldiss served in the 2nd Division during the Burma campaign of World War II. During 2015 – the year marking the 70th anniversary of VJ Day – she photographed over 200 allied Burma Veterans in the UK, alongside a small selection in Burma (now Myanmar). Supported by the Burma Star Memorial Fund, The Royal British Legion and The Soldiers' Charity, Wendy Aldiss’s ‘Burma veterans: Unforgettable’ , a multimedia exhibition, commemorates the survivors of the Burma Campaign. The exhibition features portraits of British veterans alongside Korean Veterans who fought as allies against the Japanese occupation of Burma. Aged between 89 and 105 years old when photographed, their portraits, along with examples and images of wartime memorabilia, pay tribute and give a voice to these Veterans. Following the bombing of Pear Harbour in December 1941 the Japanese advanced into Burma. The next three years saw ferocious fighting between the Allies and their formidable enemy, in the most inhospitable terrain and dense jungle with extremes of weather exacerbated by malaria and other tropical diseases. Known too many as the ‘forgotten army’, more than one million served under arms in the largest Commonwealth army ever assembled. The powerful images in the exhibition, taken without artifice or glamour capture the veterans in their natural environment, often at home. Wendy’s work has previously featured in Square, Black and White Photography, Marie Claire and The Telegraph.

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Wednesday 15th November 2017 - Thursday 15th February 2018


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