Shenstone Village Heritage Trails

Shenstone trailsSituated just three miles south of Lichfield the village of Seneste, or Shenstone, lies around the hill on which the Church of St John the Baptist dominates the landscape. The village’s history can be traced back to the Roman and the Saxon days and was the only village in the area to be mentioned in the Domesday Book.

The Shenstone Heritage Trail is made up of 3 separate trails, Blue, Yellow and Red, each one offering a different part of the village’s history to explore. In this booklet you will find all 3 of the trails including a map of each and information about the many different points of interest.

The trail if walked in its entirety is 3.4 miles long, comprising of the Blue Trail (1.1 miles), Yellow Trail (1.1 miles) and the Red Trail (1.4 miles). The choice is yours whether you wish to walk the full trail or select part of the trail. 

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