Visual messages of hope adorn Lichfield Cathedral 

Published on: Mon, 06/04/2020 - 14:12

Visual messages of hope adorn Lichfield Cathedral 

A series of images have been projected onto the facade of Lichfield Cathedral. They carry messages of hope this Holy Week; centring on the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, uplifting messages of hope and a message of support for the NHS. 

The images incorporate a beautifully simple and evocative image of a single lit candle, it transforms the Cathedral into a beacon of light, by also joining the nations tributes to the work of the NHS. Together with pictures detailing the main events of Holy Week, there are also images of the World, and rainbow colours of Hope. 

The images, created by Luxmuralis artistic Director and Lichfield Cathedral’s artist in Residence, Peter Walker, are part of a work during the early weeks of the Coronavirus Pandemic, to provide new ways for people to connect with the famous three spired Cathedral. These include an innovative digital prayer wall, live services broadcast on social media and plans for future projects to be announced soon. 

“Every Cathedral stands as an icon of hope, sanctuary and assurance. Lichfield is no exception - It’s our job to make sure the Cathedral can still get its message out during this period of restriction and lock-down. Peter Walker’s carefully presented set of images blends the unchanging message of Jesus’ death and resurrection with our concerns during the Covid-19 epidemic, and our solidarity with everyone keeping the NHS responsive to our needs. I hope that seeing these images on social media, people will know that the Cathedral’s prayer for them and interest in them hasn’t diminished simply because our doors are shut,” The Very Revd Dean of Lichfield, Adrian Dorber.

Lichfield Cathedral has become synonymous with innovative, large scale fine artwork, and this initiative continues as work goes on behind the scenes to support the community despite the doors of the building being closed for the time being. 

“The Cathedral welcomes many thousands of visitors each year, who are struck by the beauty of the Cathedrals Gothic architecture, the welcome we offer and the stunning artwork that adorns the walls and windows of this ancient building. Although we are currently unable to welcome visitors to the Cathedral, it is our intention to offer support to our community, bring our services to people online and through these beautiful projected images, continue to let this 800 year building offer hope and inspiration,“ Simon Warburton, Cathedral Executive Director.

“Art has always been something that continues during times of crisis. It is uplifting to see the thousands of innovative and creative ways by which people at home around the world are responding to this crisis. Art allows us to express our emotions, be they individual or collective. These simple, bold projected images are designed to offer a series of symbols of hope, and togetherness at this time” Artist Peter Walker 

The projections and photographs were produced in line with the Governments conditions for social distancing. They will be visible on social media and the Cathedral's website.

The projections and photographs have already been produced and are not live performances to attend. A new image will be released each day leading up to Easter Sunday on social media at 18.30 each night, with a special tribute to the NHS alongside the Clap for the NHS at 20.00 on Thursday 9 April. Lichfield Cathedral invites people to tune in from the comfort of their own homes, to stay safe and only venture out for essential supplies and daily exercise (as per the government’s guidelines).