Peace Garden Plaque to be unveiled

Published on: Wed, 29/05/2019 - 16:21

There will be a special dedication ceremony at the new Peace woodland in Lichfield’s Beacon Park on Tuesday June 4 starting at 6.15pm.

The event is to dedicate a new plaque in the woodland and everyone who’s dedicated a name for the installation has been invited.

The Peace woodland has involved thousands of people from all over Lichfield District and beyond to make it happen and has involved the help of partners G-Scapes and Cameron Homes.

The woodland has been seen by the City of Limburg in northern Germany (Lichfield’s twin City) as a cultural link and the mayor of Limburg, Dr Marius Hahn, has worked with the Cathedral Artist-in-Residence, Peter Walker, to create a link between the two cities as a symbol of peace.

Furthermore, trees have also been planted in Burntwood Park to further links with the woodland and the city’s neighbouring town.

Peter Walker commented: “Memorials and monuments are made of metal and stone and wood. The Peace Woodland however is an artwork made of young living trees, that will grow and prosper. It is a place to be peaceful and to contemplate and to think about peace and for those who have dedicated names, to think about family and friends. It is a unique and individual place that says so much about how peace is at the centre of how so many of us want to live our lives".

Those due to be at the ceremony include District Council leaders, community garden volunteers, grounds maintenance and parks managers, The Dean of Lichfield and the artist-in-residence Peter Walker.

The woodland will grow and be a symbol of hope and a place for peace for future generations to visit, own and belong. It is a new addition to Lichfield as a place of leisure and tourism and will be featured on the City’s Sculpture Trail.