OYEZ OYEZ OYEZ - Lichfield Town Crier Competition

Tue, 03/07/2018 - 11:11

Town Criers

Sixteen Town Criers from all over Britain will gather to compete in Lichfield’s Town Crier Competition. Held over two rounds during the morning and afternoon, the criers will be representing their home towns and cities. Lichfield’s very own award-winning Town Crier, Ken Knowles will be master of ceremonies and will therefore not be competing, although he will set the benchmark with the first cry on the day.

The morning round allows the criers to proclaim about their home cities and towns. The afternoon cry will focus on the “The Year of the Woman”. Entrants have only 100 to 125 words to impress the judges and a close competition is expected. The competition will take place at Speaker’s Corner and is free to spectators; however the criers will be seen around Lichfield and the Festival Market, throughout the day.