News from Lichfield Cathedral - Poems to pop up across the city to mark Lichfield Cathedral’s first poetry festival

Published on: Wed, 02/10/2019 - 10:40

Poems will be popping up all over Lichfield City Centre this October as Lichfield Cathedral brings poetry to the streets to mark its first poetry festival.

 Snippets of poems – including some of the nation’s favourites – and some lesser known – will be appearing in all sorts of places over the next couple of months for shoppers, workers and visitors to the city to find and share on social media.

 And on Saturday 5 October Lichfield Cathedral is bringing Poets for Hire to the city  - a poet with a typewriter who will be writing poetry on any subject for whoever asks.

 Both events are part of the Cathedral's first poetry event, The Word, which opens on Sunday 23 November with Benjamin Zephaniah and runs for five days with creative workshops exploring different forms of poetry and evening events with a wide range of poets – from sacred to slam. 

 The Word is part of a year of creativity at Lichfield Cathedral inspired by the anniversary of the Moon Landing which has seen Artist Peter Walker transform the cathedral nave into a moon floor with artwork One Small Step and flood the cathedral with light and sound for The Great Exhibition through his collaboration with Luxmuralis 

 Tickets have gone on sale for The Word and more information on events and how to book is available on the Cathedral website. 

 Photo/Film opportunity:

 When: Saturday 5 October

Where: Locations across Lichfield City Centre

Time: 11am -2pm 

What: poet with a typewriter Poets for hire Tim Siddall will be in the city centre writing poems on demand for anyone who asks.


You can find him: 

Lichfield Library on the ground floor of St Mary’s in the Market Square;

Eden Restaurant, Tamworth Street. 

Melbourne at Bird Street

 Your contact is Vicky Osborn