Make Tracks

Published on: Fri, 01/10/2021 - 15:41

Hector Christie and Graeme Taylor launch walking guide

Lockdown changed a lot for everyone, but it also inspired many of us to discover the walking spaces in our local area, as well as sparking a great amount of creativity.

Two local folk musicians and active walkers, Hector Christie and Graeme Taylor, combined the two to create a book full of wonderful guided walks in and around the towns and villages of Lichfield District called Make Tracks. 

Prior to Covid restrictions Hector and Graeme were a musical duo who played folk club, festivals and theatres. All those musical events ground to a halt through Covid and a number of their gigs were cancelled.

While this and many other parts of their, and everyone's social lives, both had a background of taking on walking walking challenges - and the book grew from this other shared passion. It didn't take long to garner enthusiasm of others for the idea and thanks to the warm support of the

There isn't a single walks in the book that Hector and Graeme haven't tested themselves, and every walk can be enjoyed in just a few hours, leaving the rest of the day free to do other things. Plus, they are all circular routes, so that you always end up back at the start - making it easy to get back to your parked car! 

There are also two amazing features you won't find in many other walking guides. First, references to songs that fit in with the landscape, such as the first walk that contains a snatch of a canal song and walk ten that contains part of the lyric of a Lichfield song "Bold William Taylor”. A guide to where you can hear such music locally is also included.

The second feature is tips on where you can forage for various wild fruits etc. on many of these walks. From chats the authors have enjoyed with with those who have already bought the book, this seems to have struck a chord in the same way home baking did during the earlier days of the pandemic.

It's really a great book, and you can meet the authors and get a signed copy at The Hub at St Mary's on October 6 between 10am and 1pm