Lichfield Cathedral unveils lecture series

Published on: Fri, 30/08/2019 - 09:38

Lichfield Cathedral unveils lecture series to explore how science and faith can help us understand our place in the universe

“In my opinion science offers no surer path to God than religion.” Prof David Wilkinson, Astrophysicist, theologian, Methodist Minister, Principal of St John’s College, University of Durham  

Lichfield Cathedral has unveiled a special lecture series to explore how science and faith can help us understand our place in the universe.

Lecturers drawn from a range of academic backgrounds will help people think about some of the most important questions relating to science, theology and being human.

The lecture series is the latest event in a year of creativity at Lichfield Cathedral inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing which has seen a moon floor artwork transform the nave into a lunar landscape, a sound and light show flood the interior of the building with stars and planets, and later this autumn will host its first poetry festival.

Professor David Wilkinson, principal of St John’s College, University of Durham was in Lichfield earlier this month to launch the lecture series and said: “In my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion.’

Professor Wilkinson, teaches theology at Durham and is a Methodist Minister and an astrophysicist. He is the author of a number of books exploring the relationship between science and religion. 

His lecture: God, The Big Bang and Stephen Hawking will take place on Tuesday 24 September at 19.30 and he will run a forum for A level students at 2pm on The Search for God: Can Science Help.

The series starts on Wednesday September 4 with Stars and Life by Professor Raphael Hirschi, Professor of Stellar Hydrodynamics and Nuclear Astrophysics at the University of Keele. 

Other lecturers include Dr Bethany Sollereder on Animals Suffering in Evolution: Did God Create Death, Dr Ruth Bancewicz on God in the Lab: How Science Enhances Faith, Professor Tom McLeish on “A physicist reads the Book of Job: Towards a Theology of Science as Gift and finishes with Dr Robert Asher on Evolution, Creation, and the Problem of Suffering.

Most of the lectures will take place on the moon floor artwork by Artist Peter Walker in the nave and all start at 19.30. There will be time for Q and As.

You can find the programme in full on Lichfield Cathedral website. Tickets are £10 per lecture or £50 for a season ticket and are available from the Cathedral Box Office.