Lichfield Cathedral to re-open to visitors with new exhibition

Published on: Tue, 11/05/2021 - 13:02

Fantasy books

The doors of Lichfield Cathedral will be opened wide to the public once again on Monday 17 May following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a further easing of the lockdown rules.

The Cathedral has been able to remain open for worship, and has played a major part locally in helping with the Covid Vaccination programme - but in line with other “indoor attractions” the building has had to remain closed to those wishing visit as sightseers and tourists.

From Monday 17 May, the Cathedral will open again, though opening hours are reduced slightly in order to allow for the extra work involved in keeping the Cathedral Covid-secure. Visitors are asked to check the Cathedral website ( before setting out for the latest opening times, especially as on some days the Cathedral will still be operating as a vaccination centre and therefore not open to the public.

A full summer programme of events is being planned, and visitors will be greeted by the first exhibition in a ‘summer of creativity, spirituality and science’. The exhibition, “Fantastic Books and where to find them” will encourage visitors to explore ancient books from the Cathedral’s own library. The ancient texts will help visitors to see how our ancestors - the forebears of those who created our Covid vaccine -  understood aspects of science and nature, including astrology and medicine.

At the entrance to the Cathedral, a mobile catering outlet will ensure the sale of hot and cold drinks and snacks, providing sustenance for the visit and the Cathedral’s regular pattern of three services/day will continue both in person and on-line.

Opening Hours from 17 May (subject to change : visitors encouraged to check cathedral website (