Letters from lockdown

Published on: Thu, 16/04/2020 - 11:23

Letters from lockdown

The Hub at St Mary's knows people are looking for activities to keep the little ones entertained or to pass the time if you are not a key worker busy keeping things running.

So the team at The Hub has had an amazing idea to make us all feel a bit better and they need your help! They want to capture this little bit of history that we’re all part of and make a very special exhibition. 

By using the magic of the internet, The Hub wants to capture your thoughts and feelings in a community art project that helps us remember this crazy time.

They would like you to create something special for the gallery space at The Hub (which looks so sad without an exhibition at the moment). It’s the perfect space to fill with all your thoughts, drawings and words about everything that is happening because of coronavirus. 

While we are in lockdown, The Hub will post your entries on its social media pages to create a digital exhibition and then when this is all over it will to open its gallery for the whole community to visit and see all your amazing work in the physical exhibition - there might even be a party to celebrate! 

Big people and little people, The Hub wants to hear from everybody!

Get involved now: https://thehubstmarys.co.uk/letters-from-lockdown/