Herb Garden Festival and Darwin’s Garden Art Exhibition

Published on: Thu, 20/06/2019 - 14:26

A great chance to meet the gardeners and learn about the historic collection of herbs in this city centre garden, a hidden oasis of peace and calm, surrounded by medieval buildings just behind the Cathedral Close in Lichfield.

Composed of a number of linked but distinct areas: the Culinary Garden, Darwin’s Medicine Chest, the Dyer’s garden and the Scented Garden, each bed tells the story of various aspects of 18th century life, both domestic and medical, as experienced by this important Lichfield household.

The herb garden has also provided inspiration for The Flower Painting Group of the Lichfield Society of Artists. They have been working in a variety of media to depict the various plants and views in the garden. They will present an exhibition of their work in the house from 5- 14 July as part of the Herb Garden Festival. Some of the artists will be demonstrating their skills on Tuesday 9July. Do come along and talk to them. You may also see them working at other times during the show.

Open every day from 11am to 5pm with daily events during the Lichfield Festival and free entry.

For further information please visit www.erasmusdarwin.org.