Fish Pie comes to The Hub

Published on: Wed, 30/03/2022 - 10:21

Fish Pie comes to The Hub

Cult comedy cabaret show Fish Pie makes a welcome stop at the port of Lichfield for their latest high seas adventure.

Featuring some of the finest alternative acts in Yorkshire this is a box of delights for those who adore character, original songs, choreography, puppetry and surrealist absurdity on a boat. A true joyful explosion to the senses and perfect escapism.

Lost at Shore is set across the fictional seas of Sheffield. Captain Fishfingers and his merry crew once trawled the vast oceans in search of cabaret talent to bring back to shore for Simon Trowel the entertainment manager of Wisewood Social Club. However, a dark turn has befallen the Earth and all cabaret and theatre venues have closed down and the good ship Sandy Clam is no more. The only hope is that a Quadruple threat can be found in the depths of the ocean – but there is only one person crazy enough to risk life and limb for such a quest and he hasn’t had his lunch yet.

Can Fishfingers be encouraged out of retirement? Can the Sandy Clam ship be found and can live theatre be saved? Find out in the latest barnstorming adventure ‘Lost at Shore’ by Fish Pie cabaret.

The Hub Creative Director, Anthony Evans says: "Stan Skinny brings his latest cult comedy show to his own home town. Anyone growing up in Lichfield through the noughties probably encountered 'The Skinnies'. The identical twins were often found, performing sketches or singing in the streets of Lichfield. I was delighted to hear Stan went on to develop a professional performance company in Yorkshire and so when he called to bring his new show back to Lichfield, we couldn't say no. Fans of surreal comedy like The Mighty Boosh will love it."

Tickets for the show are £15 and are available online or you can pop in and see the team at The Hub. There is an under 25’s discount available at booking.