Drayton Manor Zoo’s animals go wild for ice pops!

Mon, 02/07/2018 - 14:19

Zoo keeping cool this summer

Based in Staffordshire, Drayton Manor Park is committed to ensuring that the animals have fun trying to beat the heat this week where temperatures are expected to soar to 28 degress.

This includes the cheeky ring-tailed lemurs eagerly slurping up their specially created ice pops, which are made by the Zoo team with a variety of different, lemur-friendly ingredients.

Chris Mitchell, Head of Zoo Operations, comments: “With the warm weather that we are currently experiencing, we look for fun ideas that will not only cool our Zoo residents down, but also provide animal enrichment that will intrigue and excite them.

“As part of the zoo’s animal enrichment programme, giving them extra opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation is one of our main priorities and an extra treat such as cooling ice pops can achieve just that.”                                            

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