City Centre Move for Cathedral Gift Shop

Published on: Thu, 04/10/2018 - 08:54

Lichfield Cathedral Bookshop

Lichfield Cathedral Gift Shop and Box Office which for many years has been located at The Close opposite the west door of the cathedral is moving into the city centre.

From Saturday October 6th, the shop will be in the main thoroughfare of the busy Three Spires Shopping Centre.

Having a prime city centre location will allow easy access to obtain tickets for cathedral events, buy stylish and contemporary gifts for every occasion, including baptisms, weddings and birthdays as well as unique souvenirs that will support the work of the cathedral, as well as raise the profile of the church’s role in the community.

Shop manager, Alex Dziegiel pointed out there will also be work by local artists on sale and the shop will be the main destination for all parish supplies and resources.

There is still a small gift shop inside the cathedral selling souvenirs.

It does mean that until the new shop opens on Saturday, tickets will only be bookable online - bookings by phone and in person will recommence on Saturday October 6th.