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Lichfield Storytellers - Uncaged with Michael Harvey


Sometime in 1871 the great Breton folktale collector François-Marie Luzel sat down in front of a man called Guillaume Garandel in a village called Plouaret, ready to add another story to his bulging collection of traditional tales. Imagine his surprise when the story unravelled in a twisted tale of cross-dressing, attempted seduction and a huge hairy man in a story that defies categories and leaps, hairy and smelly, out of the collective imagination, demanding to be heard.

Michael Harvey tells stories from the world’s oral traditions to all ages. Although his repertoire is based in Wales and the other Celtic countries he can’t resist a good story, wherever it’s from. Michael works in community settings, schools, theatres, at festivals, libraries, village halls, pubs, museums and galleries - sometimes solo and sometimes in collaboration with other artists. Michael is quite simply one of the very best storytellers around at the moment - you will absolutely love him and we are thrilled to invite him to Lichfield for the first time!

PLEASE CALL PAUL on 0797 970 7654 to reserve your seat(s) - places are strictly limited, due to COVID-safety rules.


  • £6 by online transfer (details will be confirmed when you call Paul)

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