Our Customer Promise

Our Customer PromiseOur Customer Promise

The Visit Lichfield Customer Promise is all about giving visitors the confidence that they can be sure of excellent service at all of the district’s hotels, bed & breakfast and guest houses, even if they are not accredited by an outside body, such as Visit Britain or the AA.

As part of the Visit Lichfield Customer promise, accommodation providers:

1. Commit to delivering excellent service and a high standard of accommodation This includes committing to offer the best customer service and standards of comfort for visitors, and ensuring they have the appropriate licences and health and safety measures in place.

2. Sign up to our complaints policy Whilst visitors to an externally accredited accommodation can liaise with the relevant accreditation body in regards to a complaint, as a non-assessed accommodation provider, customers seek support and guidance from us, should they feel the need to complain. As part of the Customer Promise we have developed a robust complaints policy to help us respond fairly and in a balanced way to customers and accommodation providers. 

3. Our complaints policy

Visit Lichfield promises to:

  • Inform accommodation providers of any complaint Visit Lichfield receives within 24 hours (Monday – Friday only).
  • Openly discuss any complaint with accommodation providers, give advice and guidance on request, on how to respond to the complaint.
  • Suggest training courses and information sources for improving or rectifying a service.
  • Following discussion, forward complaints received to relevant accreditation bodies as necessary.

To protect the reputation of Lichfield as a premier tourist destination by only promoting quality accommodation providers, we will work to help you respond to and address any issues that arise from any complaints.

However if: 

  • An accommodation provider receives three complaints of a similar nature (within 2 full years), and can offer no extenuating circumstances/plausible explanation or,
  • An accommodation provider fails to acknowledge a complaint to the customer within 2 working days of talking to the Visit Lichfield team or,
  • An accommodation provider fails to respond in full to the customer within 14 working days,

Visit Lichfield may remove accommodation providers' details from www.visitlichfield.co.uk, either temporarily or permanently to protect future customers until the situation is resolved.

If you have any questions, please email emily.waldron@lichfielddc.gov.uk