Sponsor a tree at Lichfield Cathedral's Christmas Tree Festival

Thu, 20/10/2016 - 15:04

There will be a Christmas Tree Festival in the aisles of Lichfield Cathedral starting on 3rd December through to 4th January 2017. The cathedral will be purchasing 56x 5ft beautiful Nordmann fir trees, stands, and new sets of LED lights to adorn each one and you could ‘own’ one for a month. For £200 (reduced to £75 for a registered charity) you could decorate the tree with whatever you want, creativity is the name of the game to make your tree stand out and promote yourselves.  Last year, a Veterinary clinic decorated a tree with dog & cat toys with ribbon for baubles and tinsel made from bandages; a local restaurant flooded the tree with discount vouchers and had to come in daily to top them up!

There is a a maximum of 30 trees available for the business and charity sector and a further 25 to local schools so you need to be quick. There will be also one extra special prayer tree, which will be in the heart of the beautiful Lady Chapel and be a focal point for many services. This will be 10ft high and covered in lights which you can have a simple sign at the base saying ‘Sponsored with thanks by…”  this will be decorated with people’s prayers as Christmas.

Register your interest today. Just call  01543 306100 or email to reception@lichfield-cathedral.org for more information.