Lichfield Diocese ‘Adopt a Gargoyle’ educational challenge – deadline extended

Thu, 19/01/2012 - 14:03

Schools from across the Lichfield Diocese have taken on the unusual challenge of ‘Adopting a Gargoyle’, as part of a fundraising and education initiative launched last September by Lichfield Cathedral and the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education. Due to the demand from schools to complete competition entries, the deadline for competition entries has now been extended until 31 March 2012. The on-line mosaic (where donations light-up a section of the Gargoyle montage) at will remain open for donations to the end of the year.

The project is in aid of the East End Appeal for Lichfield Cathedral, which has undergone a major programme of essential repairs to its stonework and conservation of its unique 16th century painted glass. The project is now in its final phases and to help raise the balance of the money for the restoration work, Lichfield Cathedral, in partnership with the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education, is asking for support from schools for the East End Appeal via the Adopt a Gargoyle project.

The Gargoyle campaign:

  • is designed to be educational and fun and to stimulate imagination and donations
  • is an on-line mosaic (  
  • encourages students to support the habitat of the Lichfield Cathedral gargoyles and receive an ‘Adoption Certificate’
  • enables students to learn more about the history, creation and function of gargoyles
  • gives students the opportunity to be creative and enter a story competition
  • gives students the opportunity to name some of the new carvings.

Can schools still get involved at this late stage?

Yes. Every Head Teacher was sent an information pack last September but should a school require another pack and want to be involved in the initiative, please contact Judith Ayton on 01543 306106 or email and Lichfield Cathedral will gladly organise this for you.


There are two competitions as part of the project:

  1. ‘What is my name?’, where pupils can name the newly carved gargoyles
  2. ‘My Story’, where pupils can draw or write about a Cathedral gargoyle.

Once the new deadline for competition entries has passed on 31 March 2012, a panel will judge and prizes will include tea at Chapters Restaurant and a ceremony at the Cathedral to celebrate the pupil’s achievements.

Patricia Collins, Director of Fundraising commented:

“We have received some excellent entries for the competitions and great names for the gargoyles.  However, we were contacted by schools who said the deadline after Christmas proved too tight for them to complete projects and class work, so we are happy to extend the deadline to the end of term, 31 March.  We feel it would be a shame to curb enthusiasm and creativity and look forward to receiving many more entries.  Donations via the mosaic website will be welcome to the end of the year, or direct to the Chapter Office.”.

For more information about ‘Adopt a Gargoyle’ please contact:

Judith Ayton, Fundraising Officer at Lichfield Cathedral

01543 306106 /

Sue Blackmore, Lichfield Diocesan School’s Adviser

01827 7076383 /